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Q. How much do your roadside assistance services cost?

​A. Our roadside assistance services range from $75-$450 depending on what service is being provided and can cost more depending on vehicle type and location. Services included are jump starts, lockouts, tire changes, and fuel delivery.​

Q. Where are you guys located?

​A. Our office is located at 405 W Southern Ave Suite 115 Tempe AZ 85282. We provide mobile services in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and nearby areas.

Q. What are average wait times for receiving service?

A. Our average wait times are 30-55 minutes. During busier times, we search for someone in our network that can get to you faster than we can, that way you're never waiting too long for emergency roadside assistance.



Q. How much does it cost to get a new battery installed at my location?

A. Our mobile car battery replacement service can range from $330-$450 depending on vehicle type, location and battery warranty.


Q. Can I pay for services over the phone?

​A. Yes, we accept payments over the phone.

Q. My car is broken down, do you offer mechanic services?

​A. Unfortunately we do not, but we might know someone who may be able to help you, depending on the time of day.

Q. I have a stripped lug nut, can you guys remove it?

​A. Yes, we can remove stripped lug-nuts for an extra fee on each tire.


Q. How fast can I drive on a spare tire?

​A. The recommended MPH for traveling on a spare or donut tire is 55mph. Most tires have this speed rating on the tire itself.  Refer to your vehicles manual for reference.

Q. If you guys come out to jump start my car and the battery isn't the issue, do I still have to pay?

A. We charge a dispatch fee for jump start services if your vehicle is experiencing a non related battery issue. This fee will ensure that the tech is able to recover gas expenses to continue providing roadside assistance to motorists in need.

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